Octopus and GQ partner on 'handbook for the modern man'

Octopus and GQ partner on 'handbook for the modern man'

Mitchell Beazley has acquired a book by the senior commissioning editor of British GQ, Charlie Burton, pitched as "the definitive handbook of skills for the modern man".

GQ: How To Win At Life will be based on interviews with a selecion of people branded "the world's foremost authorities" – including Sir Richard Branson, Jamie Oliver, Tracey Emin, Andy McNab, Tom Daley, Alastair Campbell, Dynamo, among others – and advice from GQ's editors. The aim is to produce a "foolproof guide to excelling at everything you do". 

A variety of step-by-step illustrated guides will show readers "how to win" in various areas, such as fashion, sport, food and drink, work, romance and travel, with topics ranging from "How to fold a suit for crease-free travel" to "How to run like an elite athlete".

Joe Cottington, commissioning editor at Octopus, acquired world rights from Ben Clark at LAW. It will be published on 13th September 2018 at £14.99 in hardback.

The book's author, Burton, writes on an eclectic mix of subjects, from celebrity profiles to political opinion. In 2015, he started the magazine's monthly how-to column, "Bring Your 'A' Game", which inspired the book. He is a graduate of Lincoln College, Oxford, and was formerly the associate editor of Wired.

Cottington said the book managed to be "incredibly entertaining" and "very practical". "With entries covering everything from cooking the perfect steak to dancing without looking like your dad, it’s an impeccably written and curated collection that is sure to provide many of us with that extra helping hand in life," he said.

Burton commented: "It has been a pleasure to work with the talented team at Octopus, and I have been delighted by the calibre and variety of experts who agreed to share their know-how. Their advice was packed with intriguing insights, such as why sugar can help you make a brilliant speech, the one word that will help you win an argument – and even why it’s best to break up with someone on a Thursday. Ranging from the everyday to the unexpected, this book provides an instant set of mentors to help you tackle everything life throws at you."