Notting Hill essay prize longlist announced

Notting Hill essay prize longlist announced

Writers including Joanna Kavenna, Iain Sinclair and Charlotte Higgins are on the longlist for this year’s Notting Hill Editions Essay Prize, which was judged anonymously.

This is the second time the biennial prize, which is for the best non-fiction essays, has been awarded, after being launched by independent publisher Notting Hill Editions in 2015. The entries must be between 2,000 and 8,000 words and can be published or unpublished and on any subject.

Entries this year came from countries as diverse as the UK, the US, China, Portugal and Germany.

The panel of judges, chaired by novelist Adam Mars-Jones and also including journalist Eileen Battersby and philosopher Professor Raymond Tallis, described the standard of entry and diversity of subject matter as "outstanding."

The winner of the £20,000 prize and five runners up will be presented with their awards at a ceremony on 3rd October at King's Place London. Their essays will also be included in a hardback Notting Hill Editions collection.

A shortlist of 11 titles will be announced at the beginning of September and the winner and five runners up on October 3rd. The winner will receive £20,000 and the runners up will get £1,000 each.

The Notting Hill Editions imprint launched in 2011.

The longlist in full:

Not Enough Present to Go Around - Hal Foster, US
Art's Unmediated Middles - Mark Kingwell, Canada
The Rightness of Those With Guns - Joanna Kavenna, UK
Party political animal: Oscar Wilde Thomas Wright, UK
Creative Amnesia - Steve Stern, US
Hope at the Edge - Garry Cooper, US
Ought art history be taught? - Patricia, Emison, US
Paris in Winter - Rob Doyle, Ireland
The Lobster's Tail - Chris Price, NZ
The invader and the antidote - Tom Lee, UK
Shifting Capital - Ben Eastham, UK
O to O, or, Ode to Oakes - Irene Hsiao, US
Cutting Edge - Morgan Meis, US
The Paths Taken - William Greenway, US
Finding Emily & Elizabeth - Brandon Schrand, US
The Jester's Banquet - Max Dunbar, UK
The Parliament of Dreams - Francois Matarasso, UK
The Internet Is Full Of Ghosts - Charlotte Higgins, UK
Theatre: The Nation's Debating Chamber - Charlotte Higgins, UK
Damage Control: The modern art world's tyranny of price - Ben Lerner, US
What Can the Origins of the BBC Tell, US About Its Future? - Charlotte Higgins, UK
The Great War and Modern Memory Revisited - Kate McLoughlin, UK
Global Syllabus - Tim Parks, Italy
The King's Gambit - Francis Shaw, Germany
Liberty, Fraternity and Inequality - Giles Conway-Gordon, US
Digging for Victory - Iain Sinclair, UK
Paris at Night - Matthew Beaumont, UK
The Incarnation of The International Celebrity - Cynthia Sirni, US
The Strangeness of Contemporary Antisemitism - Keith Kahn-Harris, UK
Footnotes - Chris Arthur, UK
Priests - Chris Arthur, UK
"Blissfully Unaware of Threat: On Reading Bernstein's Chichester Psalms" - Laura Glen Louis, US
The Concrete Tangle - Will Wiles, UK
Barbarism and Blackout - Patricia Emison, US
Within Her Sights: 'The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher' - by Hilary Mantel Terry Castle, US
The Fourth Great Crisis in American National Life, 2000-2015 - David Kaiser, US
On Posterity - Bret Lott, US
Unspeakable things, still Unspoken - Brenda Flanagan, US
Jan Kott and the 1960s Theatre Revolution - David Herman, UK
The Rainmakers' Flood - Jennifer Kabat, US
The Most Holy Object in the House - Mireille Juchau, Australia
The Precariousness of Lies - Daniel Johnson, UK
35 Million Kings - Maria Odette Canivell, US
A Relative of Chekhov, A Cousin of Chaliapin - James Seay, US
Vivaldi - Kevin Haworth, US
Setting Science Free - RupertSheldrake, UK
Nabokov's Space-time - Olga Breydo, US
A Eulogy for Nigger - David Bradley, US
An Unlikely Friendship - Daisy Dunn, UK
Matricide - Meghan Daum, US
The Light Therapeutic - RosieBlau, China
Empire of the pig - Rosie Blau, China
Sugar-Coated - Grace Pilkington, UK
A Distant Glimpse of Immortality - Christopher Mowbray, UK
Lucien Freud and the evidence of flesh - Bernardo Almeida, Portugal
In Defense of Navel-Gazing - Desirae Matherly, US
Gandhi and the Art of Dying -Vinay Lal, US
A State of Otonomy: Henry Miller's Autobiographical Form - Jomil Ebro, US
'The Mask of Anarchy' - Katrina Mayson, UK
'Every Line Doth Almost Tell My Name' - Ros Barber, UK
On the Wealth of Companies - Leo Schulz, UK
The Incurious Rabbit - Josh Cohen, UK
War of Words - Caroline Alexander, US
Our world is not the greatest: a response to Plantinga's free will defence - Greg Woodin, UK
Opening Up The Book - Max McGuinness, France
The Rejection of History - Angus Kennedy, UK
Guts - Johanna Moehring, Germany
Memory & Civilisation - Kit Wilson, UK
Proper Charlies - Pat Black, UK
Back to Shakespeare - PaulineKiernan, UK
Asylum - A Process Story - Euan McPherson, UK
On Growing Old - Rosemary Friedman, UK