Nosy Crow buys ‘witch school’ MG series

Nosy Crow buys ‘witch school’ MG series

Nosy Crow has acquired a four-book series about a witch school by Em Lynas.

The Toadspit Towers series, which will launch in autumn 2017, is about a girl called Daisy Wart who refuses to believe she’s a witch. When Daisy is sent to witch school she tries to run away, leading to all kinds of “magical mayhem”.

Nosy Crow acquired world rights to the series from Amber Caravéo, founder of the Skylark Literary agency, in a “hotly contested deal with multiple publishers involved”.

Kirsty Stansfield, head of fiction at Nosy Crow, said: “Aside from the strength of Em’s writing, the thing we all immediately fell for was the voice. Daisy is a great character, and her adventures learning to be the witch she knows she really absolutely isn’t are a joy.”

The series will be illustrated but the artist has not yet been confirmed.