Nook becomes fastest selling product at B&N

<p>Barnes &amp; Noble&#39;s dedicated e-reading device the Nook has become the US retailer&#39;s fastest-selling item since it was rolled out a week ago, <a href="" target="_blank"><em>Publishers Weekly</em></a> reports.</p><p>Like Amazon, B&amp;N has not disclosed the actual number of devices sold or ordered, but William Lynch, president of B&amp;, told analysts the company expected a &quot;big chunk&quot; of the 900,000 e-readers tipped to be sold over the festive season. The devices will start being shipped on 30th November.</p><p>According to company chief executive Steve Riggio, B&amp;N&#39;s margins on sales of e-books will be higher than on physical books, because of reduced storage and distribution costs.</p><p>Overnight, the chain also revealed that it would sell the QUE ereader, designed for &quot;business professionals&quot; by Plastic Logic.&nbsp;</p>