Non Pratt to shave head for Royal Hospital of Neuro-disability

Non Pratt to shave head for Royal Hospital of Neuro-disability

YA author Non Pratt will shave her head at the Young Adult Literature Convention to raise £2,000 for the Royal Hospital of Neuro-disability after writing about a character with a traumatic brain injury.

Pratt revealed the news at her book launch for Truth or Dare (Walker Books), at Waterstones Piccadilly on 8th June. She will take to the shears at YALC, which takes place from 28th to 30th July in London, if she raises her financial goal of £2,000.

The Teeside-born author was inspired to help the hospital, based in Putney, after researching the character of Kam for Truth or Dare, who must live with the after effects of a traumatic brain injury after surviving an accident. Kam’s brother, Sef, and his friend Claire raise money so that Kam can stay in his rehabilitation unit, by taking truth or dare suggestions on their Youtube channel, one of which is a dare for Claire to shave her head.

She said: "The Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability helped me greatly in my research for Truth or Dare. I want to give something meaningful back to support the work they do providing much needed services and care for people whose lives are more complicated than mine. A little charity is what the world needs right now and writing about it didn't feel like enough."

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