Nike co-founder's memoir to S&S

Nike co-founder's memoir to S&S

Phil Knight, the co-founder of Nike, will publish his first-ever memoir with S&S UK.

Shannon Welch, senior editor of Scribner, and Nan Graham, senior vice president and publisher of Scribner - an S&S imprint - acquired world and audio rights from Washington, D.C., attorney Robert B. Barnett.

The yet-to-be-titled book will focus on the founding years of Nike and is scheduled for worldwide publication in spring 2016. An audio edition will be released simultaneously by S&S Audio. Scribner will publish in the US.

Carolyn Reidy, president and c.e.o. of S&S, said: “Phil Knight is a titan of industry for our time, the man behind one of the most successful global companies ever, whose pioneering products for decades have inspired and enabled world class and amateur athletes alike to reach peak performance, and that unite form, function, and fashion in a way that many have copied, but no others have achieved. There is much that we can learn from Phil Knight and his story, and we are honored and fortunate to help him share it with the world.”

In 1962 Knight created a company with the “simple” mission of importing “high-quality, low-cost” athletic shoes from Japan. Knight grossed $8,000 in his first year selling the shoes from the trunk of his Plymouth. Today, Nike’s annual sales top $30 billion.

Knight will tell his “candid, humble, gutsy, and wry” story in the memoir, which will detail the many risks and daunting setbacks that stood between him and his dream – along with his early triumphs.

"Above all, he recalls the formative relationships with his first partners and employees, a group of misfits and seekers who soon became a tight-knit band of brothers," the publisher said. Together, "harnessing the transcendent power of a shared mission, and a deep belief in the spirit of sport, they built a brand that changed everything."

Welch, who will edit the book, said: “This is a classic American story about an innovator with astonishing vision, unflinching resolve, and unbelievable luck. Phil Knight is an open, vivid, and searching storyteller with an unexpected and riveting story to tell. His memoir is rich with insight, humor, and hard-won wisdom.”