New Underpants title coming this autumn

New Underpants title coming this autumn

Simon and Schuster Children’s Books has bought a new title in the Underpants series from author and illustrator team Claire Freedman and Ben Cort.

The series was launched in 2007 with Aliens Love Underpants and includes titles such as Dinosaurs Love Underpants and Monsters Love Underpants, selling 1,645,898 copies all together through Nielsen Bookscan.

Lara Hancock, editorial director of picture books at S&S, acquired world rights in the new book, called Aliens Love Dinopants, from Freedman and Cort.

Aliens Love Dinopants sees the undergarment-obsessed aliens crash-land in the jungle, where they stumble upon the biggest stash of pants ever. Their glee knows no bounds, until the prehistoric owners of the outsized bloomers turn up and chaos ensues.

Hancock said: “We couldn’t be more delighted to be publishing a brand new book in the phenomenal Underpants series. The books go from strength to strength, and this hilarious tale of aliens, dinosaurs and a hidden stash of pants promises to be an unmissable addition to the series.”

The marketing and publicity drive for the book will include a pre-awareness campaign across online platforms, with a trailer and content reveals.

A theatre show based on Aliens Love Underpants, featuring puppets and actors, will be touring the UK for the third consecutive year this summer. The show, which began touring the UK in July 2013, has been put on at more than 50 venues, including a six-week run in the West End and shows at the Edinburgh Festival.

Simon and Schuster Children’s Books will publish Aliens in Dinopants in hardback in October 2015.