New TV 'Book Channel' to launch

<p>A new &quot;Book Channel&quot; is to launch from 20th April 2009 with its debut programme on Sky 166 and Freesat 402 from 7.30 pm. The programme is the brainchild of ex-ITV programme-maker Richard Flewitt, Fred Perkins, chief executive of Information TV, and Paul Hammond, entrepreneur.<br /><br />Each 30 minute programme carries three author interviews plus an &lsquo;expert advice&rsquo; slot to guide budding authors through the process of writing a book and getting published. Presenter of The Book Channel programme is Tina Bettison&mdash;author of three books of humour published by Hodder and Stoughton.<br /><br />As well as being broadcast three times on Sky 166 and Freesat 402 the programmes are also available on The Book Channel website: <a href="" title=""></a>, where viewers can get more information about the authors and books and can purchase the books if desired. Authors can also embed the programmes into their own websites for marketing purposes.<br /><br />Programme producer Richard Flewitt said: &quot;Our intention is to make The Book Channel a high quality programme that book lovers will use as a source of inspiration and information, and authors will want to be on. Some very good quality and interesting books are being published but because they don&rsquo;t have a celebrity name on them, they don&rsquo;t get the publicity or marketing budgets behind them to help sales or even just raise awareness. The Book Channel is going to change this and provide a marketing channel for all books.&quot;<br /><br />A main sponsor for the programme and relevant advertisers are being sought.</p>