New Sony Reader details emerge

New Sony Reader details emerge

The new model of the Sony e-book reader has swapped its metal body for a plastic one and boosted internal memory to 2GB.

The new device, the PRS-T1, has yet to be made available in the UK. It will include wi-fi and a web browser and multitouch support for a six-inch e-ink pearl display. It will include a stylus to make handwritten notes and annotations.

Slashgear reports that the T1 will include 2GB of integrated storage, which can be augmented with a memory card. The device will be plastic rather than metal and weigh under 6oz. It will also include 12 preloaded dictionaries plus search support for Google and Wikipedia.

Engadget has spotted the device for sale on a Dutch website, priced €165 (£146).

In early August, Sony listed its current e-readers as out of stock, raising speculation that a new launch was imminent.