New signing for 'Etymologicon' author

Icon Books has signed a new title by Mark Forsyth, whose book on the origins of words, The Etymologicon, was the indie bestseller of last Christmas.

Editorial director Duncan Heath bought world rights, all languages, in The Horologicon, which is described as "a day in the life of unusual, beautiful and forgotten English words", taking you through the forgotten words associated with time and particular moments in the day. For example, it will include "dysania", which is the inability to get out of bed, and "uhtceare" which is an Old English word for lying in bed before dawn worrying. It will be published in November 2012, with a "massive marketing and PR campaign" planned.

Heath said: "The Etymologicon was one of the best-written and most enjoyable books I've worked on, and it's a huge success is a testament to the sheer quality and appeal of Mark's work. Mark is a model author to work with, and is destined for even greater things than he has already accomplished. It's quite a boast, but The Horologicon may be even more enjoyable than The Etymologicon."