New Shadow Campaigns book to HoZ

New Shadow Campaigns book to HoZ

Head of Zeus is to publish The Guns of Empire, book four of Django Wexler’s The Shadow Campaigns series, on 9th August 2016.

The publisher holds UK and Commonwealth rights to the title.

Wexler’s “audacious and subversive” epic fantasy blends military campaigning, political revolution, spy craft and magic.

Described by the author as “Bernard Cornwall’s 'Sharpe' with magic, or George RR Martin with guns”, The Shadow Campaigns have been published in Germany (Heyne), France (Panini), Italy (Fanucci), Poland (DW Rebis), and Russia (Fantastika).

Publisher Nicolas Cheetham said: “The Shadow Campaigns are some of the most innovative and enjoyable fantasy books I’ve come across. We look forward to deploying our forces in their service.”

The previous books in the Shadow Campaigns series are published by PRH imprint, Del Rey.