New roles across senior team in Pan Mac restructure

New roles across senior team in Pan Mac restructure

Pan Macmillan has restructured its senior management team, appointing Jeremy Trevathan (pictured) to the new role of publisher for Macmillan Adult Books, across both fiction and non-fiction, and giving Geoff Duffield the post of creative director. 

Pan Mac c.e.o. Anthony Forbes Watson said the changes would "refocus" the senior team in response to changes in the market. 

"The market now demands that we deepen and extend our relationships with our authors and develop more meaningful direct relationships with our readers, and that we act fast, flexibly and decisively," he said. "These changes refocus our senior team on these priorities and match our many talents more appropriately to the tasks at hand. The team has led Pan Macmillan with brio through a period of strong growth and now it's time to move on to the next phase."

Trevathan, previously fiction publisher, will head up Pan Macmillan's entire adult publishing, with Picador publisher Paul Baggaley and non-fiction publisher Jon Butler both reporting into him. Mantle publisher Maria Rejt will continue to report to Forbes Watson. 

Forbes Watson said the new structure would not take any autonomy away from the imprints. "We are not doing away with the old distinctions, but we are moving them into the same ecosystem, so that we can develop a much more collective awareness of the market," he said. "What digitisation has done is challenge the concept that small autonomous groups are more accountable - we are saying if you can't move and change direction as a group, then you're sunk. They [Trevathan, Baggaley and Butler] will work as one team within their different roles. They will be more plugged in." 

On Rejt continuing to report directly to him, Forbes Watson said: "That's why we founded Mantle in the first place. Maria is in charge of a list where she is the only publisher. It is the logic of an understanding I have always had with Maria - she has always reported straight to me and she always will."

Duffield, previously group sales and marketing director, will become creative director, with responsibility for author brand development internationally across Pan Macmillan's adult and children's publishing, to drive sales in all markets. He will add design to his brief, with art director James Annal reporting to him. 

Duffield will retain responsibility for UK sales until UK sales director Anna Bond returns from maternity leave in September, when she report into Forbes Watson. 

On Duffield's new role, Forbes Watson said: "What this announcement really does is take a view on how this new market is redefining marketing, publicity and so on. A lot of it has to be focused on the author, and a lot of it has to be focused on the reader. 

"Geoff will put together a brand for each author that we publish, to create coherent brand strategies for every author we publish. It is absolutely mandatory for publishers to do that. Geoff is a very senior guy, very few people could do that role. He has the authority to do it, and the very good author contacts, and he understands the physical book marketing space extremely well." 

Meanwhile, Sara Lloyd has been appointed to the new role of digital and communications director, adding marketing, publicity and external communications to her present digital leadership role. Forbes Watson said: "She is the perfect person to sharpen our focus on the reader." 

International development director Jonathan Atkins become international director, with responsibility for international sales and business development. Atkins will be the primary contact for Pan Macmillan's sales operations in India, Hong Kong and South Africa, while heading up its international sales operations and working with Pan Macmillan sister companies in Australia and the US. 

Macmillan Children's Books publisher Belinda Rasmussen will take on added responsibility for Kingfisher and will integrate the MCB picture book design team into the illustrated publishing unit. 

Lara Borlenghi will succeed Jane Carlin as finance director, moving from her role as finance director of BBC Worldwide's brands, consumers and new ventures division. She will join Pan Macmillan at the end of the summer, with Carlin to move to Macmillan Education. 

Forbes Watson added: "In the old days, a book could succeed or fail based on whether the market had been addressed properly. These days whole swathes of lists succeed or fail on whether the market has been addressed properly. Market intelligence is critical to survival and development, and these changes are driven by the market. It is changing with unprecedented speed and it's important that everyone understands what will go on.