New role for Rausing in Granta restructure

New role for Rausing in Granta restructure

Granta proprietor and publisher Sigrid Rausing is to take over full operational and executive control of Granta Publications, following the departure of Philip Gwyn Jones from the executive publisher role this summer.

Jones' departure is described as part of a reorganisation which follows the resignations of magazine editor John Freeman and deputy editor Ellah Allfrey. When he leaves, a single, editorial-only role of editor-in-chief is to be created, covering both the editing of Granta magazine and the commissioning of books for the Granta and Portobello imprints. The role will be filled later this summer.

Rausing said: "The economic realities of [a] small imprint publishing today has made it obvious that we need the magazine and books to be a single entity to exploit the synergy between them." She went on: "Philip has been with Granta and Portobello Books for some eight years now and I am very proud of the list we have created with both imprints. His unwavering commitment to literary quality, and his commitment to the company, have been invaluable."

Philip Gwyn Jones said: "For the first and only time in my life I feel like Sir Alex Ferguson. I am immensely proud of all the achievements of the Granta/Portobello team over these past eight years but most especially of the manner in which my team has played the publishing game.

"I want to pay tribute to Sigrid for making it all possible, and allowing us such freedom and security. She is ready now to take over the running of the team, and I wish her all luck with this next phase in Granta's illustrious history.

"The squad is in really great shape, with some very exciting young talents coming through, authors and staff alike. As of today, nine different books of ours are on nine different prize shortlists, and there will be more to come later this year, I'm certain—for Eleanor Catton, Colin McAdam and Cynan Jones in particular, I hope, as each of their novels is a masterpiece.

"I will miss overseeing publishing them and the rest of the list enormously, but shall look forward to finding new channels for my passions for international literature and ideas, after a summer break in New England with my family."