New Rebus novel for Rankin

New Rebus novel for Rankin

Author Ian Rankin has revealed that his next novel Standing in Another Man’s Grave will see the return of his hero Rebus, who he is bringing out of retirement after five years.

The Orion title is lined up for 8th November, and will be told with Rebus at its centre, as well as new character Malcolm Fox of Edinburgh's internal affairs unit, who becomes interested in Rebus when he goes for a CID job.

Rankin made the announcement at this week's Hay Festival. He said: "It is Rebus: he's back," and explained that it was the idea of seeing Fox through Rebus' eyes—and "falling foul" of him—that drew him back to his famous creation.

“I felt there was unfinished business between the two of us," said Rankin. "He had never really gone away but was working for Edinburgh's cold case unit. And I knew I had a story that was a perfect fit for him.”

Inspector John Rebus was last seen in 2007's Exit Music.

2012 also marks 25 years since the first Rebus novel, Knots and Crosses. Other key characters will appear in the book, including Siobhan, who has moved on from Rebus, and the gangster Cafferty.