New QI book to Faber

New QI book to Faber

Faber & Faber is to publish the sixth book in the successful QI series in October to tie in with the BBC 2 Show.

Faber editorial director Laura Hassan acquired world all languages rights to 1,423 QI Facts to Bowl You Over from QI Ltd.

The book comes from the QI team which is made up of QI creator John Lloyd, QI "head elf" James Harkin and scriptwriter Anne Miller, with help from the other QI Elves.

Hassan said: “Reading a QI book gives you a spring in your step and a head full of wonderful things you need to share with family & friends. In this era of ‘alternative facts’, QI facts feel especially valuable."

John Lloyd said: “When QI started, I expected we would easily have found all the interesting facts in the Universe by now. This book proves just how utterly, hopelessly wrong I was."

The book will be published on 5th October 2017.