New publisher liaison team for Waterstone's

New publisher liaison team for Waterstone's

Waterstone’s is understood to be setting up a publisher liaison team to manage its relationship with publishers. The team will be separate from the buying team and is thought to consist of around eight people.

The Bookseller understands that each of the five big publishers (Random House, Hachette, HarperCollins, Pan Macmillan and Penguin) will have its own assigned publisher relations representative.

Waterstone’s has also recruited people to the new roles in the campaign and range teams, brought in as part of m.d James Daunt’s plans to introduce a new central buying system.

Kate Skipper, formerly children’s buyer, is now campaigns manager. She will support Simon Burke, campaign buying manager, "on all aspects of campaign planning and new title buying".

Janine Cook, formerly fiction buyer in the campaign team, has been promoted to senior fiction campaign buyer and Chris White, previously assistant buyer in the campaign team, will now become genre fiction campaign buyer.

Andrew Lake, previously an academic buyer, will now become academic range manager, with responsibilities for campus and academic strategies as well as core range.

John Lewis has been promoted to non-fiction range manager and has accountability for a team of buyers and all trade non-fiction titles and Clare Randle is the new children’s range manager.

The company will also be recruiting a new children’s campaign buyer.