New political thriller from Harris to Cornerstone

Cornerstone has acquired the new novel by Robert Harris, with "The Ghost" director Roman Polanski already snapping up rights.

M.d. Susan Sandon acquired UK and Commonwealth rights to D. from Michael Carlisle of Inwell Management. Jocasta Hamilton, Hutchinson publisher, will edit.

D. is a political and espionage thriller set in Paris in the 1890s, based on the life of Alfred Dreyfus who was sentenced to life imprisonment on Devil’s Island for communicating military secrets to the German government. Harris follows the story of Colonel Georges Picquart, a real-life figure who was head of the French counter-intelligence service, and who gradually became convinced that Dreyfus was innocent.  Picquart was punished for his integrity by being hounded out of the French Army, framed and imprisoned.

Sandon said: "Harris is a consummate storyteller, with a unique ability to write fiction that illuminates the contemporary world. While D. is steeped in the atmosphere of 19th century Paris, it bears striking parallels to the present: secret trials, illegal imprisonment, rogue intelligence agencies, official cover-ups, media hysteria and the persecution of minorities.

Hutchinson and Arrow are proud to have published Robert for over twenty years and this new novel promises to be yet another great bestseller from an author who is a master of his art."

D. will be published by Hutchinson in hardback in autumn 2013 and in Arrow paperback the following year.

Harris is the author of Enigma, Archangel, Lustrum and The Ghost, which Polanksi directed for cinema in 2010.