New literary freesheet

<p>A group of recent graduates and &shy;literary enthusiasts is launching a creative writing freesheet in London this year. Notes from the Underground will be a 16-page tabloid-format publication, with content including short stories, poetry, cartoons and non-fiction. The first issue will be published on 17th December.</p><p>It will have a print run of 100,000 copies, 75,000 of which will be hand-distributed by a team at more than 50 key commuter locations, while the rest will be deposited at venues throughout London, such as libraries, train stations and caf&eacute;s. </p><p>The fortnightly freesheet will include contributions from up-and-coming writers, as well as high-profile authors. Its creators, who include editors Tristan Summerscale and Christopher Vernon, and marketing director Will Orr-Ewing, aim to provide an &quot;entertaining alternative&quot; to existing freesheets such as London Lite and the London Paper, and to &quot;fill a gap in the market for intelligent yet accessible literature&quot;. </p><p>The print version will be complemented by an interactive website, which will use user-generated content and aims to create a &quot;genuine and long-lasting&quot; community of readers and writers. Orr-Ewing said the team is currently looking to attract a main sponsor, and is hoping that publishers will see the publication as an avenue to promote both established and new writers.</p>