New Kindle Paperwhite from Amazon

New Kindle Paperwhite from Amazon

Amazon has today launched  a new version of the Kindle Paperwhite, which will be available from the end of June.

The latest generation of the device includes a new “typesetting engine for more beautiful pages”, an exclusive Kindle font called Bookerly, and “the highest resolution Paperwhite display”.

Amazon founder and c.e.o. Jeff Bezos said: “We’ve added our highest-resolution display so the words are crisp and clear on the page, a new font that is crafted exclusively for reading Kindle books, and a new typesetting engine that makes pages beautiful. Together, these details help you read faster and with less eyestrain, so you can lose yourself in the author’s world.”

The Bookerly font has been designed for reading on digital screens and is  “hand-crafted for great readability at any size”. Amazon said the font "introduces a lighter, more graceful look and outperforms other digital reading fonts to help customers read faster with less eyestrain.” 

The typesetting engine “lays out words just as the author intended”, with features including layout adjustment as the reader changes text size and hyphenation that breaks words at the right place. 

Marketing for the Kindle Paperwhite places an emphasis on the Kindle being “purpose-built for reading”, helping to “create a sanctuary so you can lose yourself in a book”.

The new Kindle Paperwhite is £109.99, or £169.99 with built-in free 3G. Kindle Paperwhite is available for pre-order around the world and will start shipping on 30th June.

Amazon has released this new version nine months after releasing the Kindle Voyager, a brand new model, which the company claimed was its "most advanced e-reader." At the same time, Amazon also re-released the basic Kindle with a 20% faster processor and twice the storage of the previous model.

Recent findings from Nielsen BookScan show that those who read digitally on tablet devices is quickly catching up with those who read on a Kindle. Of the devices used by readers, quarter four in 2014 revealed that 47% of people read e-book on a Kindle, 8% read e-books on their smart phone, while 38% on their tablet.