New Holland makes seven redundant

<p>Non-fiction publisher New Holland has made seven roles redundant in a move &#8232;to reduce fixed costs and ensure the publisher &quot;lives within [its] &#8232;means&quot;. The cuts are across its UK trade sales, publicity, editorial and finance&#8232; departments, which make up almost 20% of the full staff of 37.</p><p>The roles &#8232;to be cut include the publishing director, an editor, the sales director and two sales reps, as well as one role in publicity and one in finance. The publisher&#39;s UK trade sales force will now be outsourced.&#8232;</p><p>Steve Connolly, managing director, said: &quot;UK trade sales have dropped lower&#8232; than expected since last October and we felt it was prudent to make cuts now to ensure that we &#39;live within our means&#39;. We see the coming year as being another tough one in the market and felt it made sense to make this decision sooner rather than later.&quot;</p><p>&#8232;Connolly added that the UK trade market had &quot;changed a great deal in recent&#8232; years&quot; due to Bertrams&#39; disruptions in 2008, Borders&#39; closure in 2009 and internet sales rising dramatically. </p><p>Connolly said: &quot;For medium sized, niche publishers like ourselves, you have to question the commercial feasibility of having a full in-house UK trade sales force. </p><p>&quot;This is a climate where variable costs are a much more attractive proposition than fixed costs and perhaps niche publishers need to focus more on niche marketing and niche selling?&quot;</p><p>&#8232;The publisher had looked at various options and approached some other adult&#8232; non-fiction publishers with a view to setting up a Non-Fiction Alliance.&#8232;</p><p>But despite talking with other publishers Connolly said it did not seem as &quot;workable&quot; as the Independent Alliance and a decision could not be&#8232;executed as quickly as needed by New Holland.&#8232;</p><p>He added: &quot;I still feel there may be potential for such an alliance in the longer term, but at the moment we have decided to venture down the third party sales route.&quot;</p><p>&#8232;&#8232;Connolly said he did not anticipate &quot;significant improvement&quot; in the &#8232;UK trading environment in the coming year. For 2010, his &#8232;message to the New Holland team has been, &quot;Focus on our niches. Manage the&#8232; cash. Get the basics right and lower the number of high risk titles in&#8232;certain lists.&quot;</p><p><a href="../news/72551-new-holland-makes-15-redundant.html" target="_blank">&#8232;&#8232;The publisher previously made seven roles redundant at the end of 2008 as part of&#8232; a major tightening of operating expenses when the recession first set in.</a></p>