New Holland makes 15% redundant

<p>New Holland Publishing has made seven staff members redundant, and frozen one additional post, as the downturn bites UK publishing. </p><p>The redundancies, across the sales, marketing and editorial departments, represent 15% of its workforce. New Holland is an illustrated and non-fiction publisher, and a subsidiary of New Holland Publishing South Africa.</p><p>The move is described as part of a major tightening of operating expenses. Managing director Steve Connolly said that 2008 had been a difficult year for New Holland due to the absence of a fully staffed rights team in late 2007 and early 2008, but that the situation had worsened in recent months &quot;as UK sales, despite their excellent start to the year, started to slip&quot;.</p><p>He added that the redundancies were &quot;traumatic&quot; for everyone, given New Holland&#39;s medium size and &quot;family-like&quot; environment. Connolly succeeded the long-standing m.d. John Beaufoy at the beginning of the year. </p><p>The development is further evidence that UK publishers could be set to follow the lead of US publishers after last week&rsquo;s &quot;Black Wednesday&quot; in the US, when five publishers announced either job cuts or salary freezes in the space of just 24 hours. This month has also seen redundancies at Lion Hudson and Anova.&nbsp; </p>