New Guy Martin coming this October

New Guy Martin coming this October

Virgin Books is publishing a new book from Guy Martin in October entitled Worms to Catch, about how "Britiain's favourite daredevil" spent his free time in 2016 after he was forced him to take a break from road racing.

Martin crashed out of the lead of an Ulster Grand Prix superbike race held on the world’s fastest racetrack in August 2015. He had invasive surgery to bolt his broken spine and hand back together, and within days decided he needed some time away from road racing. But, in Martin's words: "I was never going to sleep in and take it easy, there were worms to catch."

Lorna Russell, senior editorial director for Virgin Books, bought world rights from Andy Spellman at Guy Martin Proper Ltd. Worms to Catch will publish on 20th October, priced £20.

The book will make best use of Martin's "gift for storytelling", showing how the racer has done more in one year than most people do in a lifetime, from breaking records on the world's biggest "Wall of Death" to cycling 2,745 miles across the length of the US while sleeping rough, attempting to be the fastest person ever on two wheels and travelling to Latvia to investigate his family’s roots.

It will also include tales of racing turbo-charged Transit vans through the Nevada desert, and include anecdotes from the day job as a professional mechanic in North Yorkshire. According to publishers, Martin will take the reader with him to "the outer limits of human endurance, and on a dizzying adrenalin high". 

Martin has won multiple international road races and, after racing in the the Isle of Man TT for 11 years, has had 15 podium finishes. His latest series of "Speed with Guy Martin" started on Channel 4 on 4th September. 

Of his plans for 2016, he said on his blog: "I’ve got more interests than just motorbikes and I just think let’s bloody have ‘em."

Guy Martin: My Autobiography and his second memoir When You Dead You Dead have sold over 825,000 copies across all editions, according to Ebury.