New Frankopan book on Russia to Bloomsbury

New Frankopan book on Russia to Bloomsbury

Bloomsbury has acquired a new book by Peter Frankopan, the author of The Silk Roads (Bloomsbury).

Bloomsbury hold UK and Commonwealth (excluding Canada) rights to the new book which is provisionally titled Leviathan: Russia and the Making of the Modern World.

According to the publisher, the history of Russia is usually looked at as a "series of unconnected events" - like the reign of Peter the Great, the war and peace of 1812, the Revolutions of 1917 and then Stalin. This book will look at Russia's past in a "very different way", providing a "context for things we think we know about and revealing new ideas, people, places and themes that are either neglected or unknown in mainstream history".

Michael Fishwick, publishing director at Bloomsbury said: "Publishing The Silk Roads has been an unmitigated delight from start to finish and I couldn’t be more happy than to have the prospect of setting out on another adventure with our utterly charming and brilliant author, who is teaching us to see the world in a different way."

Frankopan’s agent, Catherine Clarke of Felicity Bryan Associates, said: "What a brilliant publishing phenomenon The Silk Roads has been – an outstanding book, beautifully packaged, sold with fervour and turned into a bestseller by everyone at Bloomsbury – with a little help from booksellers. We are delighted to have Peter Frankopan’s new book lined up with the same excellent team."

Bloomsbury will publish in April 2019.