New Fearne Cotton from Orion Spring

New Fearne Cotton from Orion Spring

Orion Spring is publishing a new book from Fearne Cotton in January, called Speak Your Truth.

In the book, Cotton "dives into all the ways we learn to stay quiet for the wrong reasons, and explores how to find your voice, assert yourself and speak out with confidence".

Its inception follows an episode in her life when her doctor told her she was at risk of needing a throat operation followed by two weeks of being unable to speak. Considering what silence would mean to her led to complation of the other times her voice had gone unheard—as a young woman, as "just the talent", and as the foil to louder, more dominant figures. 

It publishes in hardback on January 7th 2021.

Previous books from Cotton include Happy, a number one bestseller on first publication in 2017, to date selling 300,000 copies in print, accoring to the publisher's figures; Calm and Quiet. Her podcast, "Happy Place", has surpassed 28 million downloads and featured interviewees such as Elizabeth Gilbert, Jada Pinkett Smith and former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Cotton said: "Writing this book was a cathartic adventure as I looked back on how I’ve used my voice over the years. So many of us feel silenced, terrified to speak up or fear judgement, so swallow our words down. I hope this book provides a helping hand to those who feel similarly so that we can all walk down a new and expansive path together where truth reigns supreme, integrity is cherished and authenticity drives us always."

Publishing director Pippa Wright said: "Speak your Truth is a brave, vulnerable and often very funny book that tells Fearne’s compelling story of rediscovering her authentic voice. We couldn’t be prouder to publish this empowering message that we can all find the courage to speak up for what we believe in."