New edtech partnerships for Pearson

New edtech partnerships for Pearson

Pearson has partnered with three Boston-based organisations working in education technology: "entrepreneurship campus" Exponential TechSpace, educational programme provider LearnLaunch and edtech accelerator LearnLaunchX.

The partnerships are intended to create "new innovative relationships and opportunities for collaboration".

Exponential TechSpace, founded in April this year, is a campus that houses over two dozen edtech start-ups. LearnLaunch supports the creation and growth of education technology and learning companies by bringing together innovators, educators, investors, students, buyers, school leaders and distribution channels. LearnLaunchX provides chosen companies with seed funding, workspace, mentors, and direct access to the learning marketplace.

Pearson employees will provide mentorship to the start-ups at LearnLaunchX and have the opportunity to work with the companies at both LearnLaunchX and Exponential. The publisher will also provide product guidance and market information to the edtech innovators.

Diana Stepner, head of future technologies at Pearson, said: "At Pearson, we believe that technology has the power to transform education, but also recognise that the industry faces some big challenges that we can't tackle alone. That's why we're excited to be teaming up with Exponential and LearnLaunch – key players in the Boston edtech community – to share our deep knowledge of the education industry with start-ups on campus, while also learning from their dynamic, fast-paced cultures."

Hakan Satiroglu, founder of Exponential TechSpace and co-founder of LearnLaunchX, said: "We are thrilled to have Pearson demonstrate their strong support for the emerging edtech ecosystem in Boston through this partnership. Promising edtech start-ups need the opportunity to collaborate with industry leaders like Pearson."