New direction for crime writer V B Grey with Quercus

New direction for crime writer V B Grey with Quercus

Crime writer Isabelle Grey is publishing a new novel with Quercus, Tell Me How It Ends, exploring the relationship between two women who share a dark past. Authoring the book under a new pen name, V B Grey, the project marks a change in direction for the writer from police procedurals to psychological suspense.

Publisher Jane Wood bought world rights to the book from Sheila Crowley at Curtis Brown.

Summed up as "'All About Eve' meets 'Tangerine' in Sixties London", the story focuses on the relationship between Delia Maxwell, an icon of Fifties glamour, still riding high on the new Sixties scene, and her ambitious protegée assistant, Lily Brooks. "Is there more to her attachment than the admiration of a fan?" the blurb teases.

Wood said: "I am delighted to be publishing Isabelle again. We believe a change of name signals to the trade and readers alike that Tell Me How It Ends is a new departure for this talented writer. When I first read the book, I was gripped by the way Isabelle builds the tension, frame by frame, and recreates the period. The strong cover direction evokes the glamour of the Fifties and early Sixties and the ambivalent relationship between the two women. I know Isabelle’s existing readers will love the book as much as I do and it will also bring a new audience to her writing."

Grey added: "I’ve always loved the dark emotions and plot twists of noir movies and melodramas and, after many years writing contemporary crime novels and television drama, I wanted to take a fresh approach to my fiction. It’s been fun creating complex, scheming women who might have once been played by Bette Davis or Barbara Stanwyck, as well as their poignantly damaged men, and to place them all in a London poised on the edge of the Sixties."

Tell Me How It Ends will publish in July 2020.