New Culture Trip site offers world of literature

New Culture Trip site offers world of literature

A new internet bookselling site has launched specialising in travel literature.

The Culture Trip
is selling four million books and films, organised into categories by countries. The company is also planning to launch a music and e-book store.

Founder of The Culture Trip, Dr Kris Naudts, said: “Our hope for the site is that it will become a means of increasing global understanding and raising awareness of the cultural riches of countries perhaps not so often portrayed in this way.

“Our aim is that, as well as selling books and films, we offer a cultural introduction to every country in the world and become an invaluable resource for both travelers and anybody interested in global culture.”

The online store also feature editorial pieces on art, current affairs, history, travel and literature as well as commissioned and crowdsourced articles by contributors from around the world and daily updated news and cultural feeds.