New Clinton biography from Bloomsbury

New Clinton biography from Bloomsbury

Bloomsbury is publishing a new biography of Hillary Clinton in the lead-up to the 2016 US presidential election.

Hillary: A Biography of Hillary Rodham Clinton (January 2016, £12.99) has been written by former financial journalist Karen Blumenthal right, also the author of Bloomsbury’s 2012 biography of Steve Jobs, The Man Who Thought Different.

Hillary aims to be an “accessible, exciting biography of the most powerful woman in the USA” and follows Clinton from her childhood in the 1950s, her education at Wellesley and Yale law school through her time as the First Lady, her own political career as US secretary of state, and now as a candidate for the presidency.

Jayne Parsons describes the book as “fresh and very readable”. Clinton is currently campaigning to be elected as the Democratic nominee for president. She was also famously the First Lady of the US as the wife of Bill Clinton. Parsons said: “In her role as US secretary of state she’s already had a political voice around the world, particularly as an advocate of international women’s rights.”

The book is being published simultaneously in the US, but as a YA title published by Feiwel & Friends, an imprint of Macmillan US. Parsons explained: “Non- fiction YA isn’t really a thing in the UK so we pitch it as an accessible adult biography. It’s an accessible read for those who don’t want to plough their way through the huge tomes on the market.”

The book will be released in paperback in early 2017 in the UK and the US and will be updated according to the results of the election.