Tours of 'hidden' London bookshops launch

Tours of 'hidden' London bookshops launch

A new tour guide service is launching in London dedicated to bookshops.

Bluestocking Books London bookshop tours are designed for readers and those with an interest in "hidden London culture". The service will take guests to specially-selected bookshops in Central and East London.

Tour founder Lauren LaTulip said: “I designed these tours observing that even the most bookish Londoners know about only a fraction of the bookshops. Our bookshops are incredibly individual and often beautiful. Some have histories going back a hundred years. The ones I’ve chosen are a rich slice of London culture. Long-term Londoners and tourists, everyone on the tours discovers something new.”

She added: "These tours are a great way to explore a side of London most people don’t know about."

Tanya Peixoto, owner of bookartbookshop which is included in some of the tours, said: “The bookshop tours are a great idea... it's been a pleasure meeting new people in the shop and introducing them to artists' books and small press publishers.”

The tours cover areas including illustrated books and comics, Shoreditch Creative, magic, and medicine. They last from around two hours and are led by "enthusiastic librarians", who chat about books, publishing, and local architecture and street art. Time for browsing each book shop is included in the tour. Bluestocking Books does not accept commission or fees from the bookshops included on the tours.

Bluestocking Books schedules tours a month in advance, with six tours per month priced at £10 per person. They can be booked via its website.