New authors' group to campaign against copyright threats

<p>Authors concerned by the Google Book Settlement and the Digital Economy Bill have set up a grassroots campaign group, Action on Authors&#39; Rights, to protect writers&#39; interests.</p><p>Gillian Spraggs, Diana Kimpton and Nick Harkaway are among the founder members of the new group, as is literary agent Meg Davis. Authors Juliet E McKenna, Gwyneth Jones and Diane Coyle have expressed support.</p><p>A statement on the <a href="">group&#39;s site</a> said Google was &quot;asking the court to approve a massive appropriation of rights from authors&quot; and criticised the government for having &quot;declared itself comfortable with the prospect that...rights in the intellectual property of UK citizens would<br />be surrendered to a foreign corporation without the consent of owners, and even without their knowledge.&quot;</p><p>Action on Authors&#39; Rights also criticises the Society of Authors, the Writers Guild of Great Britain and the Authors&#39; Licensing and Collecting Society (ALCS) for having &quot;lined up to promote the Settlement alongside the multinational publishing corporations and the Authors Guild&quot;, saying they<br />have done so &quot;almost alone among the authors&#39; organizations of the world.&quot;</p><p>The organisation is calling on other UK authors and literary agents to join its mailing list or Facebook group, with details available on the site.</p>