Nearly 70% of pupils use tablets

Nearly 70% of pupils use tablets

Almost 70% of children in schools now use tablet computers, according to a report.

The BBC quoted a study conducted by the charity Tablets for Schools, which said that tablets are used by 68% of primary and 69% of secondary schools. Around 9% of schools have a tablet for every pupil, the report said.

Barbie Clarke, head of the charity’s Family, Kids and Youth research group, said it is not possible to make a definitive connection between tablet computers and improved academic results, but said the use of technology in schools will continue to grow. “It's not going to go away. It will almost seem ridiculous if some of them are not using technology,” Clarke said.

The report comes only days after the National Literacy Trust (NLT) indicated that tablets may help children from disadvantaged backgrounds read.

Jonathan Douglas, director of the NLT, said the survey “throws up very interesting evidence on the positive impact of combining technology with books on pre-school children’s vocabulary”.

He said: “Our research confirms that technology is playing a central role in young children’s vocabulary development. Nearly all children have access to a touch-screen device at home and as technology advances and digital skills become increasingly important, we need to harness these developments to encourage children to become avid readers, whatever format they choose.”