National Libraries Day set for 6th February

National Libraries Day set for 6th February

Next year’s National Libraries Day will take place on 6th February and aim to increase involvement from public libraries.

The national event, which seeks to promote the celebration of libraries, library staff and their communities across the UK, aims to increase involvement from public libraries in order to showcase the “untapped potential for libraries to cater for many different needs and interests” by attracting as many visitors as possible to local libraries on the day.

C.e.o. of CILIP, the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals, Nick Poole, said: “Public libraries provide everyone with opportunities for learning and inspiration. They help people find work and set up their own business. Libraries are places where children and young people discover the joys of reading, learn new skills and get help with their homework. They take social exclusion and isolation. Everyone is welcome and the space belongs to the public, which is increasingly rare in our communities.”

National Libraries Day 2015 saw thousands of people take part in over 700 events in libraries across the country. Former Sex Pistols frontman, John Lydon, best known by his former stage name Jonny Rotten recorded a special message encouraging people to show their support of Britain’s libraries.

In the past, some groups have used National Libraries Day to protest the local council cuts which have led to library closures across the country. This year in Cardiff, hundreds gathered outside Central Library for a read-in to protest against planned cuts, while protestors in Birmingham joined together to create a human chain hugging the threated library of Birmingham.