National Book Tokens to launch e-book gifting card with Gardners

National Book Tokens is to launch an e-book gifting card for digital books with the content to be provided by Gardners.

National Book Tokens announced this morning (10th October) that it was in the process of developing the card in the belief that many consumers wish to give e-books as gifts. However, the card will not be ready in time for this Christmas, expected instead to land in April next year.

Alex de Berry, managing director of NBT, said: “Selling e-books remains complex for many of our customers—the format also currently underperforms as a gift. Our new e-book card is designed to address both these issues.”

Bob Jackson, commercial director at Gardners Books added: “Book buyers do enjoy buying books in every format from their local bookseller and this new service will enable booksellers to promote the giving of e-books as gifts”.

The card will work in the same way and with the same terms and conditions as National Book Token cards for physical books.

Recipients of the e-book card will be able to use it to download ePub files and can be used on most devices, including Sony, Nook and Kobo e-readers and on Android, iPhone, PC and Mac devices, but not on Kindles.

The Booksellers Association has urged its independent members to sell e-readers and e-books before Christmas, which they can do by linking up with Kobo or Gardners’ Hive. Recently chain members in the BA such as Foyles and Blackwell’s have linked with Barnes & Noble to sell Nook e-readers and Waterstones has partnered with Amazon to sell Kindles. W H Smith sells Kobo products.

Tim Godfray, c.e.o. of the BA, said: “All our large specialist bookshops and book retailers will be selling e-readers this Christmas. Hive and Kobo will be offering e-books and devices to the independent booksellers this autumn, so they have an opportunity to come on board as well. We believe that this is the Christmas that e-books will fully come to high street bookshops."