Nashef re-signs with Scribe

Nashef re-signs with Scribe

Scribe has "happily renewed with an author at the heart of its list", Papworth cardiac surgeon and Guardian crossword compiler Sam Nashef, author of The Naked Surgeon: The Power and Peril of Transparency in Medicine (Scribe).

"Where that first book made a dry subject...entertaining and illuminating, against the odds, his second is more immediately dramatic and widescreen", said the publisher.

Nashef's next book, The Angina Monologues: Stories of Surgery for Broken Hearts, will speed from the transporting of a donor’s heart up the motorway hard shoulder in a goods lorry to cautionary stories of excessive intervention gone awry in the over-intrusive surgical climate of US hospitals, to a traumatic trip to bring advanced cardiac surgery to the Palestinian West Bank.

Philip Gwyn Jones, editor-at-large at Scribe, acquired UK & Commonwealth rights from Peter Tallack at The Science Factory pre-emptively, and will publish in hardback in the spring of 2019.

Gwyn Jones said: "Nashef proves an absolute natural at giving the reader, in plain English, just enough medical understanding to grasp what is being recounted, so that his stories of transplants, bypasses, coronary artery repair and cardiac arrest, do not fail to grip. You will flinch, you will exhale, you will marvel, and you might even gag as this Scheherazade of the surgical theatre delivers his illuminating tales – in passing he also delivers humane advice about the futility of obsessing over diet, the necessity of calculating risks, the role of decision making, the resilience of doctor and patient alike, and the threadbare brilliance of the NHS. Nashef is a magnificently warm and likeable doctor and writer; he has the best imaginable bedside manner."