Myriad publishes new edition of feminist atlas

Myriad publishes new edition of feminist atlas

Myriad is to publish a new edition of feminist title The Women’s Atlas by Joni Seager in October 2018.

Seager’s "visually stunning" survey of up-to-the-minute global data "redefines what is meant by an atlas", said the publisher. "Comprehensive and yet accessible, her incisive prose combined with the creative use of illustration, charts and infographics portray as never before how women are living across continents and cultures—the advances that have been made and the distances still to be travelled", the publisher added.

Produced by an all-female team, the result is an up-to-date global analysis of key issues facing women today: gender equality, literacy and information technology, feminism, the culture of beauty, work and the global economy, changing households, domestic violence, LGBTQ rights, government and power, motherhood, and more.

Renowned feminist writer Gloria Steinem said this of the title: "When is an atlas a page-turner? When it makes the female half of the world visible in reliable statistics and glorious graphics. Nobody should be without this book."

Publishing director Candida Lacey, who commissioned Word rights directly from the author, said: "This is an invaluable feminist resource and an example of cutting-edge data visualization. Joni Seager catches the mood of the moment and illustrates what women the world over are campaigning for, and what the Women’s Marches and the #MeToo movement are all about. This is a bold and vital picture of the status of women worldwide and the diversity of their experiences."

The Women’s Atlas will be published on 25th October 2018. North American rights have been bought by Penguin Random House who will publish simultaneously with the UK edition. Japanese rights are also sold and other foreign licences are under negotiation.

Seager, professor and chair of Global Studies at Bentley University in Boston, is a geographer and global policy expert.

The first edition of the atlas was a co-publication between Pluto and PanMacmillan, published in 1986. There have been four further editions, with the last edition published in 2008 by New Internationalist UK and Penguin US. Myriad's publication will mark the fifth edition of the title.