Myriad pre-empts You, Me & The Sea by Elizabeth Haynes

Myriad pre-empts You, Me & The Sea by Elizabeth Haynes

Myriad has pre-empted Elizabeth Haynes’ You, Me & The Sea, a love story set on a remote windswept Scottish island. 

Myriad published Haynes' debut novel Into the Darkest Corner as well as a further two psychological thrillers. 

Publishing director Candida Lacey acquired world rights, including film and TV, from Annette Green at Annette Green Authors’ Agency. Publication is scheduled for spring 2021. 

At the centre of You, Me & The Sea is Rachel, who moves to the Isle of Must from Norwich, with a desperate need to escape from her past. The Isle of Must is also home to nature reserve manager Fraser and his assistant Lefty. The three misfits form an uneasy trinity as Rachel fights to get an observatory into shape despite wild weather, vicious seabirds, power cuts and an infestation of weevils. Things start to look up, just as the island is overwhelmed by a violent storm, a tempest that tests their new dynamic to the limit and puts them all in mortal danger. 

Haynes said: “I wrote love stories before I felt confident enough to write crime. All of my thrillers have had love at their centre, so really this is just me stripping back to what’s always fascinated me—emotional pain and the capacity for love, no matter how hard you fight against it.” 

Lacey added: “This is an intoxicating novel about troubled people being thrown together and healing each other. It is compelling, moving, and teeming with feral desire.”