Myriad merges with New Internationalist

Myriad merges with New Internationalist

Brighton-based independent publisher Myriad Editions is to merge with non-profit media co-operative New Internationalist, based in Oxford, effective immediately.

Myriad Editions will continue to publish under its own imprint, with Candida Lacey and Corinne Pearlman remaining publishing and creative directors respectively. Myriad will use the creative, sales and administrative resources of New Internationalist and continue to work from Brighton and London, with an additional presence in Oxford.

According to a spokesperson for Myriad, the terms of the merger are "fully collaborative", with "two-like minded companies are sharing resources (offices, admin etc) and contacts (trade and public) in order to increase the number of titles produced and reach a wider audience".

Myriad's Lacey commended the "positive development" of the merger. "It is an opportunity to grow to a new level with partners whose ethos and belief in independent publishing ties in with ours", she said. "New Internationalist supports our mission to discover and publish exceptional literary and artistic authors and bold, game-changing books, and will help us reach a wider, more diverse and global readership for our authors. Myriad has a longstanding association with New Internationalist in their role as the UK publishers of our State of the World Atlas series. This is a collaboration where the groundwork is already firmly in place, and we look forward to a healthy cross-fertilisation of ideas and practice as we continue to build Myriad’s list."

New Internationalist has over 40 years’ history as a publisher with a political mission to "tell the stories that no one else is reporting". The company has just raised more £700,000 through a community share campaign.

Dan Raymond-Barker, New Internationalist's marketing and sales director, said: "We are very excited by this merger. New Internationalist and Myriad are two like-minded independent publishers and we look forward to producing great books together. Myriad will continue as an imprint and maintain its identity as a publisher of ground-breaking fiction and graphic works. We also anticipate the partnership will create a fertile environment in which both lists will explore new ideas, creating unique books that enrich social experience. The skills, experience and judgement of Candida Lacey and Corinne Pearlman, and their associated network, will bring a new dimension to the team."

Myriad’s registered office address will move from from Brighton to Oxford but the day-to-day running of the company will remain the same, with Myriad staff remaining in Brighton and London with regular visits to Oxford.

UK print distribution will continue unchanged as both New Internationalist and Myriad are handled by Turnaround. Digital distribution is managed by Ingram International for New Internationalist and Faber Factory for Myriad, and these arrangements will continue for "the time being".