Mudlark scores untold story of footballing legend Brian Clough

Mudlark scores untold story of footballing legend Brian Clough

Mudlark has scored the never-before-told story of footballing legend Brian Clough, by Craig Bromfield.

Publishing Director Jack Fogg negotiated the UK and Commonwealth rights deal for Be Good, Love Brian with David Luxton at DLA. The book will publish on 4th November 2021.

The synopsis says: "Craig Bromfield was just 13 years old when Brian Clough, legendary footballer and manager, took him and his older brother Aaron in on a whim. The brothers came from Southwick, a depressed area of Sunderland, where they lived with their abusive stepfather, and from where they longed to escape.

"Having met the brothers while they were out raising money one day, Clough invited them to stay at his house and from there a relationship formed which would see Craig living with the Clough family for nine years, where he was a first-hand witness to the many aspects of Brian’s character: his gruffness, his humour, his big-heartedness.

"This is a beautiful, inspirational story which has never been told before, revealing Clough’s gentleness, kindness and capacity for generosity. Be Good, Love Brian sees Clough away from the cameras and the football sidelines and shows him for the person he really was."

Fogg said: "When I first read about Craig’s story, I was genuinely shocked that it hadn’t been told before. Here is an intimate, touching and tender look at one of the greats of British football from someone who knew him at the closest quarters imaginable. Craig has done a wonderful job of telling this unique and touching story and I’m sure It will shed new light on Clough and speak to his legacy not just a manager, but as a man."

Bromfield added: "I'm incredibly fortunate to be working with publishing powerhouses HarperCollins and David Luxton to bring this project to life. I'm both genuinely excited and a little apprehensive but overall, I'm delighted to be sharing the story of the Brian Clough I knew. The memories him and his family created for me will last a lifetime."