Murdoch: Patten book would not sell

<p>Rupert Murdoch, News Corp&#39;s chief executive, has spoken about the reasons HarperCollins&#39; dropped a memoir by Chris Patten, the former Hong Kong governor. HarperCollins; decision led to accusations that the company had kowtowed to pressure from China. But Murdoch now says the book was dropped because it would not sell. </p><p>In a piece in the FT, during which he defended himself against accusations that he had allowed political pressure from the Chinese government to influence his business decisions, Murdoch said: &quot;I had told the HarperCollins editors not to publish the Patten book because I did not think it would sell, but then they went ahead anyway,&quot; Mr Murdoch said. &quot;When I then found out they were publishing it, I told them anyone else could publish it, just not them. In retrospect, it would have been better just to publish it.&quot;</p>