Murdoch: Amazon ready to talk e-book terms

<p>News Corp chief Rupert Murdoch has told analysts that he does not like;s $9.99 Kindle price-point and that the giant internet retailer is ready to negotiate a new deal. The development comes only days after Macmillan US presented Amazon with its new terms for the sale of e-books, a move which had led to Amazon removing buy-buttons from the publisher&#39;s books.</p><p>Rupert Murdoch, who oversees a media empire than includes HarperCollins books, wants to renegotiate the current deal with Amazon, and said the world&#39;s largest retailer appears &quot;ready to sit down with us again&quot; to talk about new terms, reports Reuters.</p><p>&quot;We don&#39;t like the Amazon model of selling everything at $9.99,&quot; Murdoch said when asked about electronic books during a conference call with analysts on Tuesday. They pay us the wholesale price of $14 or whatever we charge,&quot; he said. &quot;But I think it really devalues books and it hurts all the retailers of the hard cover books.&quot;<br /><br />Amazon did not comment to Reuters. It has still not restored Macmillan US titles for sale, after withdrawing them over the weekend.<br /><br /><br /></p>