MUP scoops story of Manchester's 'missing chapters'

MUP scoops story of Manchester's 'missing chapters'

Manchester University Press has scooped Mancunians, the first book from Manchester poet David Scott, a.k.a. Argh Kid, offering an insider’s view of Manchester following the IRA bomb in 1996 and the closure of the "infamous" Hacienda nightclub. 

Tom Dark, senior commissioning editor, acquired world all-language rights directly from the author, for publication in 2023.

Mancunians is described as part memoir, part social history of Manchester between 1996 and 2002, a period that Scott refers to as the "missing chapters in the city’s story." The book will explore the themes of education, sport, comedy, crime, music and race, and include interviews with the famous and not-so-famous, all in search of pinning down the "elusive" Mancunian identity. 

Dark commented: "I’m delighted to be working with David, a true wordsmith and authentic voice of Manchester. Personal in tone, but unafraid of important social commentary, Mancunians will shed light on the city’s many cultures and promises authentic insight into a key transition period as Manchester really cemented itself as one of the most important cultural centres of our era."

Scott said: "This book is about the city I love and, in many ways, our journeys are entwined. Mancunians will tell our story, chronicling six years across the Millennium, when success, money, music, drinking, youth cultures and seeds of gentrification marked the end of one era and the dawn of another. There is more to Manchester than the Hacienda, more to Mancunians than stereotypes. Until now, this story hasn't been told..."