Muchamore donates £10k to LGBT charities

Muchamore donates £10k to LGBT charities

YA author Robert Muchamore is donating £10,218 to LGBT charities after making a “cheap shot” about lesbians on his public Facebook page.

Muchamore said he will split the money, which is £1 for every one of his 10,218 followers onTwitter, between four different charities.

His promise comes after he voiced insulting criticism of a group of women who were protesting about the new "Fifty Shades of Grey" film.

“I was venting because I was extremely pissed off about being shouted at and called a rapist by a group of protesters when I went to see '50 Shades of Grey'. But since I'm not five years old I can't use 'they started it,' as a defence and I therefore apologise to everyone I pissed off,” he later said on his Facebook page. “Rather than try to justify myself or drone on about what a nice guy I am and how I have lots of gay friends and write books full of positive gay role models, I thought it would be better to make an actual difference to the lives of LGBT people.”

The author has already chosen his first two charities and has donated £2,555 (£3,173 with Gift Aid) to Rainbow Project, an organisation that works to improve the physical, mental & emotional health of LGBT people and their families in Northern Ireland. The second donation he made was to Kaleidoscope, “because they campaign for gay people in countries like Nigeria and Gambia”.

He added: “I'll have a little think about the others, but thinking in terms of Amnesty because of their work in Russia and perhaps one of the smaller UK based groups.”

Muchamore is the bestselling author of the Cherub series, about a British Security Service that employs kids aged 10-17 as international agents, and Henderson’s Boys, s spy series set during Nazi-occupied France. Both are published by Hodder Children’s Books.