MP backs Wood Green co-operative bookshop launch

MP backs Wood Green co-operative bookshop launch

Hornsey and Wood Green MP Catherine West will help launch Wood Green's new co-operative bookshop The All Good Bookshop, this weekend. 

Tim West, co-founder of Big Green Bookshop which shut down its physical premises in January, says the new venture will allow residents of Wood Green and Turnpike Lane to gain shares through buying them or by volunteering their time and effort. It also promises to run as a venue, including music nights, reading groups, writing groups, and live events.

West, acting general manager and vice-chair of the project, said "We love this area, and we think that a bookshop and events space made it better. But when it's entirely a private business, that means it can close up or move away – that's why we want to set up this co-operative, so it'll be a permanent fixture in Haringey. We're delighted Catherine West will be supporting us by turning up to our launch, so we hope to see as many people as possible there."

The All Good Bookshop is currently looking for funding, either through private loans or crowd-funding, more details can be found here

Details of the new shop's location are still under wraps and are expected to be announced this weekend. MP West will be a special guest at the campaign launch of the new co-operative-run bookshop and events space at 2pm on Saturday 11th May at the Haringey Civic Centre.

The launch comes as community model is being used across the country, according to the BA and The All Good Bookshop will be the 15th co-operative bookshop in the UK when it opens.