Mostly Lit podcast wins LBF Book Blog Award

Mostly Lit podcast wins LBF Book Blog Award

A millennial podcast, a book and travel blog and an Instagram account have scooped prizes at The London Book Fair’s UK Book Blog Awards. 

The inaugural Book Podcaster of the Year was awarded to executive producer Clarissa Pabi and hosts Alex Reads and Raifa Rafiq for Mostly Lit, the podcast, that chronicles the millennial experience and explores the inspection between literature, film and tv and pop-culture. 

The judging panel, comprised of book industry experts Andersen Press publicity director Paul Black, Waterstones events manager Rosie Beaumont-Thomas and author Shahroo Izadi, said: “Mostly Lit is a highly professional, exciting and fresh books podcast that has provided a vital new voice in the industry. We are so excited to present Mostly Lit as the first Book Podcaster of the Year winners.”

A special mention was also given to the Down the Rabbit Hole podcast “for their pioneering content for the children’s book market”. 

Laura Hartley won the Book Blogger prize for What’s Hot. “The blog has original content ideas and a beautiful layout. The posts are really well edited and it’s great to see detailed, thorough reviews”, judges noted.

Abbie Walker’s Instagram account @ab_reads, which has 40k followers, was crowned Bookstagrammer of the Year for “its thoughtfully laid out Instagram, with every third post themed…Abs_reads champions both new and second-hand books, covering lots of genres. It’s lovely to see not too polished, well-read book jackets in the beautiful images,” said the judges. 

@bestbookforward was highly commended by the judges, who said while “a fairly new account, we loved the passion for @bestbookforward’s bookstagram and are really excited to see how it develops”.

Georgia Mannering’s Rose Reads took home the Booktuber of the Year. The judges praised Rose for her “personable style which draws the viewers in, covering books old and new”.

Helen Clifford, LBF marketing manager said:  “Social media influencers play a vital role in the publishing world, and we are thrilled to be able to recognise podcasters for the first time along with bloggers, Youtubers and Instagrammers at the UK Book Blog Awards. These winners are a fantastic representation of the passion, dedication and knowledge that makes the book influencer community so important.”

The London Book Fair UK Book Blog Awards were held on 14th March 2019, hosted by LBF Author of the Day Holly Bourne.