Most reviewed: Here Comes Everybody and We-think

<p>A duo of books on internet trends secured the Easter weekend&rsquo;s &quot;most reviewed&quot; title, as <em>Here Comes Everybody</em> by Clay Shirky (Allen Lane) and <em>We-think</em> by Charles Leadbeater (Profile) simultaneously grabbed reviewers&#39; attention (21st to 23rd March). </p><p>Both are &quot;essential guides to web society&quot;, <a href=" target="_blank">remarked Pat Kane in the <em>Independent</em></a>, who enjoyed Shirky&#39;s &quot;refreshing interest in activism&quot;, but found the tone of <em>We-think</em> &quot;more like a benign guardian looking over the playground of the web, hoping gently to encourage or discourage particular behaviours&quot;.</p><p><a href=";grid=&amp;xm... target="_blank">Julian Dibbell in the <em>Daily Telegraph</em></a> compared Leadbeater&#39;s approach to the web as a &quot;love letter to its emergent culture of sharing&quot; and believed the reader &quot;might be caught up in his optimism&quot;, if they could overcome their &quot;wikiphobia long enough (and forgive Leadbeater his lapses into management-consultant speak)&quot;. </p><p>Dibbell championed Shirky&#39;s book as &quot;every bit as sure of the web&#39;s liberating social potential&quot; as Leadbeater, but &quot;far more convincing on the point, never letting speculation or wishful thinking do his arguing for him when there is so much evidence at his fingertips&quot;. He concluded that &quot;<em>Here Comes Everything</em> is as crisply argued and as enlightening a book about the internet as has been written&quot;.</p><p><a href=",,2267... target="_blank">Stuart Jeffries in the <em>Guardian</em></a> found Shirky&#39;s book &quot;terrifically clever&quot; and &quot;harrowing&quot;, as it spells the end for his profession of journalism, but he also thought that both Shirky and Leadbeater &quot;seem naive about the desirable social changes being unleashed in new media&quot;--neither sufficiently realises &quot;that [web based social tools] and can just as easily be co-opted by The Man&quot;.</p><p> He also warned that not just journalists were doomed, if Leadbeater and Shirky were to be believed. &quot;You too could go the way of the late 15th-century scribes. So don&rsquo;t look so smug,&quot; he wrote.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p><strong>MOST REVIEWED (21st March to 23rd March) </strong></p><p><em>Here Comes Everybody</em> by Clay Shirky<br />(Allen Lane 9780713999891 &pound;20)<br /><a href=" target="_blank">&quot;Shirky attempts to be as usable as the technology he writes about&quot;</a><em>&#8200;Independent</em> <br /><a href=";grid=&amp;xm... target="_blank">&quot;Might even cure your wikiphobia&quot;</a> <em>Daily Telegraph</em> <br /><a href=",,2267... target="_blank">&quot;Terrifically clever&quot;</a> <em>Guardian</em> </p><p><em>We-think</em> by Charles Leadbeater<br />(Profile 9781861978929 &pound;12.99)<br /><a href=";grid=&amp;xm... target="_blank">&quot;A love leetter to the web&rsquo;s emergent culture of sharing&quot;</a> <em>Daily Telegraph</em> <br /><a href=" target="_blank">&quot;Raises some useful questions&quot;</a><em>&#8200;Independent</em> <br /><a href=",,2267... target="_blank">&quot;Hardly exemplars of the mass collaboration [he affects] to champion&quot; </a>Guardian</p><p><em>Petite Anglaise</em> by Catherine Sanderson<br />(Michael Joseph 9780718153045 &pound;12.99)<br /><a href="" target="_blank">&quot;Sanderson has a novelist&rsquo;s gift for capturing certain eternal situations&quot;</a> <em>Financial Times</em> <br /><a href=" target="_blank">&quot;One sees immediately the edge Sanderson had over fellow web scribes&quot;</a><em>&#8200;Independent</em> </p><p><em>Italy&rsquo;s Sorrow</em> by James Holland<br />(HarperPress 9780007176458 &pound;25)<br />&quot;Holland tells this complex story vividly&quot; <em>Mail on Sunday</em> <br /><a href=";grid=&amp;xm... target="_blank">&quot;Italian version of Armageddon, Max Hastings&#39; history of France and Germany between D-Day and VE-Day&quot; </a><em>Sunday Telegraph</em></p><p><em>Daisy</em> by Sushila Anand<br />(Piatkus 9780749951696 &pound;20)<br />&quot;Anand has paced the life perfectly&quot; <em>Daily Express</em> <br /><a href=" target="_blank">&quot;A lively study&quot;</a><em><a href=" target="_blank">&#8200;</a>Daily Mail</em></p>