Mosse launches YouTube channel and book club

Mosse launches YouTube channel and book club

Kate Mosse is launching a YouTube channel, including a book club featuring two non-fiction titles and a pair of fiction titles each month.

Launched on 20th October, her 60th birthday, readers will be able to view the “Kate Mosse on Books” channel so they never miss an episode.

The channel's first strand is book club “Mosse on a Monday”, which will go live on 1st November and the first Monday of the month thereafter. Books will be chosen from the writer's personal reading, promising new titles but also “old favourites and those that maybe slipped under the radar”.

Mosse said: “What better way to celebrate a new decade than to launch this new project dedicated to shouting about fantastic, inspiring, thought-provoking, beautiful novels and non-fiction that I've loved reading. The aim is simple — to share what's on my bedside table, past and present, from titles publishing now to those published years, even hundreds of years, ago.”

The author is the founder and director of the Women's Prize for Fiction and the chair of the Discoveries new writing initiative for the Women’s Prize Trust. She is also working on a major non-fiction project for Macmillan inspired by her global #WomanInHistory campaign as well as writing the third novel in her The Burning Chambers series for publication in 2023.