More women reject poet laureate post

<p>Poets Fleur Adcock and Ruth Padel, who have both been tipped for the role of poet laureate, have suggested that the post&#39;s responsibility of writing for the Queen was probably more trouble than it was worth, reports the Independent. </p><p>Adcock said that quite apart from the extra work it involves, the role continues to command a very meagre salary. The fee for taking on the title is still just &pound;5,000 a year, although the ancient tradition of a &quot;butt of sack per annum&quot; has been reinstated by current poet laureate Andrew Motion. But even 630 bottles of Spanish sherry is not enough of an incentive to abandon literary integrity and solitude, said Adcock.</p><p>Ruth Padel, the chair of the UK Poetry Society, said she thought most talented writers would give the post a wide berth. </p><p>Wendy Cope previously poured scorn on the post, saying that she &quot;never wanted&quot; to be laureate. &quot;Personally I feel it is an archaic post and means nothing. It&#39;s simply not important,&quot; she said.</p>