More Wallander for BBC

<p>The BBC is planning to commission six more episodes of the Wallander drama series about Swedish writer Henning Mankell&#39;s detective.</p><p>The <em>Guardian</em> reports that three new stories with original plots created for BBC1 are thought to be lined up, based on existing short stories written by Mankell, and not likely to be written by him.</p><p>BBC1 recently screened its second series of three 90-minute Wallander films starring Kenneth Branagh, with tie-in novels from Vintage. Both series attracted between five and six-million viewers.</p><p>The three remaining books the BBC has not yet adapted &ndash; <em>The Dogs of Riga, The White Lioness</em>, and <em>The Pyramid</em> &ndash; are also likely to be filmed after the three original dramas. </p><p>Harvill Secker will publish Mankell&#39;s first Wallander novel for 10 years, <em>The Troubled Man</em>, in 2011. Mankell has said that this will be the last Wallander book and under the BBC&#39;s current plans this will not be adapted.<br /><br />A BBC spokesman said that it did not have an announcement to make about commissioning at this stage.<br /> </p>