More publishers set to join Bloomsbury Library Online

<p>Bloomsbury is talking to &quot;a number of UK publishers&quot; about participation in its digital library initiative, Bloomsbury Library Online. </p><p>The system, now live in Essex, Southend, Thurrock, Poole, Falkirk and Edinburgh libraries, together with The British Library, offers access to books online only. </p><p>Each selection of titles, or &quot;bookshelf&quot;, is available on annual subscription. Bloomsbury currently offers bookshelves with themes including Reading Groups, Teen Fiction and Children&#39;s History, and will shortly launch selections for Arden Shakespeare, Soldiers and Spies, Short Stories, Biography and Parenting. </p><p>Digital media director Stephanie Duncan said &quot;The usual suspects, big and small, have all expressed an interest in joining, so Bloomsbury will act as an aggregator.&quot; </p><p>She added: &quot;Our main objective is to support libraries and we actually believe it&#39;s a really good way to reach out to new readers.&quot; <br /></p>