More details confirmed on Tintin films

<p>Dreamworks has confirmed that Steven Spielberg is still on board to direct the first in a new series of film adaptations of Herg&eacute;&#39;s Tintin stories, with the first instalment to be based on the <em>The Secret of the Unicorn </em>and <em>Red Rackham&#39;s Treasure</em>, reports the <em>Guardian</em>. </p><p>&quot;Lord of the Rings&quot; director, Peter Jackson, is reportedly set to direct the sequel, while it remains uncertain who will direct the third film. </p><p>The films will be made using motion capture technology, with Andy Serkis on board as Captain Haddock and Thomas Sangster (&quot;Love Actually&quot;) signed up to play Tintin.</p><p><em>The Secret of the Unicorn </em>and <em>Red Rackham&#39;s Treasure</em> were first published in 1942 and 1943, respectively.<br /></p>